We are located just off US Highway 93 Approximately 3 miles south of Lakeside Montana.

        Welcome to Deep Bay

Deep Bay Retreat Center is a place to broaden your horizons.  Our Program For A Better Life classes, workshops and retreats are all geared towards  empowering each individual with new skills and confidence to live life to the fullest.

We are a 501 c 3 charitable organization. 

Deep Bay Center is supported by donations, grants and fees paid by participants of the classes.

Volunteers are always welcome.

Spiritual Retreat & Education Center

Deep Bay Center
A Montana 501  c 3 Charitable Organization

Phone 406-844-2611

Our swimming dock sits in a gorgeous private cove of Flathead Lake where you can swim and play. We also have a dock for your boat.

The buildings reflect nature's splendor and create an atmosphere conducive to contemplation and discovery.

 Deep Bay Center offers low cost education around matters of Human Development.  We have created programs that teach people how to live in a balanced, sustainable manner with less impact on the planet as well as lead happier, healthier lives. 

We provide programs that support the body , mind and spirit.  Deep Bay Center offer you a place to build your relationship with God in a non denominational spiritual manner.

 We foster family relationships that include the children and elders participating within the community.

 The Center provides a supportive environment for learning and sharing knowledge and skills that promote positive and healthful lifestyles. 

We teach you how to make the desired changes you have been seeking.

It is said that Understanding and Knowledge creates Wisdom. 

Inspiring workshops are offered to help people discover their inherent potential and engage with others in a meaningful and contributing way.

Our facility include open beam timber framed homes with a rugged, natural setting on Flathead Lake. The frontage is accessed by steep trails and stairs going down to the lake and docks.

Deep Bay Center
PO Box 718
Lakeside, MT